Business & Corporate Sales

Quantity Pricing

If you are considering the purchase of a large quantity of physical products for corporate use, please reach out as we may be able to provide you with corporate pricing and/or savings on express freight.

Quantity / Discount Structures

Why can't you offer this to everyone else?

Well, we potentially can, and we hope too. At present we have just launched the site, but we will be building in a tool that triggers savings or discounts once a certain quantity has been reached. However, for large amounts (over x10 units) it will still be best to contact us direct.

Why do we have to contact you for "special" pricing?

Printing physical products involves very small margins, after you take out the costs associated with running an e-commerce store (subscriptions, apps, hosting, marketing, advertising, content creation etc) then you are not left with a great deal of meat on the bone. This is why we need to work out each request for volume pricing on it's own merits. Where are we shipping too? How many units are being ordered, are they all the same type of unit, or do they need to come from different suppliers? Will we come out unscathed? Can we deliver in time?

If we haven't scared you off, please feel free to get in touch via the form below.

Volume / Quantity pricing quote request.

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